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:  From a full service law firm focusing on criminal defense and divorce law:  "I routinely send clients with serious immigration issues to Ms. Nemer. She is easy to work with and has a sophisticated understanding of the law."

-Speeding Ticket

 5 Stars
Tania Nemer was very responsible and she went above and beyond to handle the situation for me in a timely matter because it was a complicated situation. I was going overseas and I was unable to make my court date. I was able to depend on her to take care of the situation while I was away. She exceeded my expectations. She did an excellent job at a fair rate compared to other attorneys who are more expensive.

-Honest & Experienced Attorney

 5 Stars
:  As a former employee of a corporation in Cleveland, I was let go of my job and had to move back to my hometown of Akron, Ohio. I informed my landlord of my situation and told him that I was unable to live in Cleveland and needed to terminate my lease. However, the landlord didn't care about the situation and forced me to continue paying the rest of the lease, more than what my roommate was asked to pay, even though we both had moved out of the apartment at the same time. 

My Attorney, Tania Nemer, was able to negotiate and resolve the matter very quickly. She knew that this was a serious situation for me, so she gave it the attention it deserved. She was willing to work over the weekends for me and she went out of her way to go above and beyond the average call of duty expected from an attorney. She not only negotiated a fair deal for myself and the other party involved, but she was able to control the situation so that the other party would not hold me liable for any other payments. 

Tania is a very responsive and honest Attorney to work with. She also explained everything to me which helped me to understand the legal situation better. 

I highly recommend Tania Nemer as an attorney because I could tell that she had a wealth of experience, especially with contracts.

-Very Helpful Immigration Attorney in Cleveland at a Great Rate

 5 Stars
:  Tania is a terrific attorney. For an educated lawyer, she is warm, approachable, and accommodating. She helped out one of my relatives who couldn't afford some of the more "established" immigration attorneys. Tania gave her a great rate and walked her through the whole process. 

Tania comes from a culture of immigrants and I think that is her best asset in this field. She's seen it firsthand and genuinely wants to help. 

She interviewed some family members to get all the facts, and the family considers her a friend. She definitely went the extra mile for less than most would.